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    The Top 6 Proven PPC Advertising Tactics That Can Triple Your CTR

    PPC advertising (pay-per-click) is a proven method to drive conversions, traffic and most importantly sales.

    When done right, PPC advertising sends the right traffic to the right landing page and gets your business conversions.

    However, most advertisers know just how valuable a well-designed PPC campaign is and so this makes it often an incredibly competitive and expensive form of advertising.

    Luckily for you, there are some proven tricks and tips that take a bit of extra effort to set up but will get you results that are worth the added time.

    Here’s our top 9 proven tactics:

    1. Bid On Your Competition

    Not bidding on your competition’s brand names? Well if you’re a player in your industry they’re most definitely bidding on yours.

    People who are searching for your competitors are a great target audience – they’re in the market for what you have to offer but may need a little help to learn about your superior product/service.

    By bidding on your competitor’s search terms, you may just sweep one of your competitor’s potential customers right onto your landing page. Get them to convert and that’s a new customer for you and a lost sale for your competitor – a double win.

    2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile!

    Last year, mobile beat desktop in the number of total searches on the web for the first time ever. Mobile is not a fad, it’s a growing and under-utilized market.

    In fact, over 50% of PPC ad spend was spent on mobile this year, meaning half your audience is going to be using a mobile device.

    So make sure your ads are optimised for mobile – as space limitations can often mean companies that do are light-years ahead of the competition.

    It’s critical that you get your advert to show in position 1-3, or else most mobile users will not bother to scroll down to find your ad buried in position 10.

    Your landing pages must also be designed for a mobile device, if it isn’t, well Google will penalize your ads meaning no position 1-3. This will reduce your landing page traffic and your conversions.

    3. Take Ad Extensions Seriously

    Ad extensions are an easy way to make your advert appear larger and more obvious for very little effort. It’s claimed that using ad extensions increases your click through rate by up to 100%!

    Here are some you should be using:

    Location Extensions – searchers can see your address and then easily click through to a map.

    Call Extensions – all mobile campaigns need this option. This allows searchers to call directly from the ad without even visiting the website.

    Review extensions – this is a super easy way to get your social proof seen immediately, your reviews appear right in your ad space!

    Sitelinks – sitelinks provide clickable links to different parts of your website, meaning you can make products/services easily accessible for interested parties.

    If you’re not using these yet, you’re behind the competition, now is the time!

    4. Write Your Copy Properly

    Your ad copy needs to stand out from the competition, otherwise, you’ll fade into the rest of the pack.

    To draw attention to your ad, try these tips:

    • Address pain points that other advertisers haven’t touched on.
    • Highlight a unique selling point for your company compared to a competitor.
    • Emotionally connect to your audience.
    • Make use of timers to incite a sense of urgency.
    • Include a CTA in your text that makes users take action such as clicking or calling.
    • Test variations of your ad copy to find the best performer.

    Just make sure that your ad copy is relevant or else you risk sending poor traffic to your landing pages.

    5. In-Market Audiences Can Get You Sales

    Display ads are notoriously bad for getting clicks – people are programmed to ignore them. Getting your ad targeted to the right audience helps to remove this issue…

    Welcome to Google’s In-Market audiences – this targets specific people who are exhibiting buying behaviours like converting on landing pages or clicking on adverts.

    We’ve seen some advertisers report 20% improvements in ad response rates and 50% lower acquisition costs using in-market audience.

    Combine with remarketing (see below) and you may triple your click through rates.

    6. Retargeting

    Sometimes people may leave your website because they aren’t ready to buy, get distracted by email or Facebook or due to any number of other distractions.

    Once they leave, they usually don’t come back.

    That is unless you’re running a retargeting campaign. By getting a cookie placed on their browser, you can continue to advertise to these people even once they’ve left your site.

    You get brand recognition and they may even come back later when they’re ready to buy.

    This could improve your sales volume by over 100% if used correctly, plus remarketing clicks basically cost nothing.

    Not Sure How To Implement These Tactics?

    Some of these tactics seem simple but may be confusing to implement, if you need some advice or a helping hand get your free strategy session now and we’ll guide you.

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