Tobias is a PPC specialist and marketing whizz who spends his time conversion optimising to get results.

He is a perpetual traveller who keeps at the forefront of newly emerging technology and has an affinity for kitesurfing, motorcycles and warm weather.




Marketing Solutions Manager

If you need a guy on your quiz team who can answer all the questions about Rugby or cars, Peter’s your guy.

Peter is a marketing manager who does the day-to-day delivery of our marketing campaigns. He helps organise the team and keeps his eyes open for new ways of getting improved results.

Although he probably should spend less of his free time watching Youtube…




Search Advertising Lead

Harris is a code lover and AdWords guru who spends his time coming up with clever scripts that get clients ahead of the competition.

Every team needs their whizz kid. Harris started running affiliate campaigns for Apple and has been running AdWords campaigns for over 10 years.

When he isn’t busy optimising AdWords accounts, he’s busy looking after his young family.




E-Commerce Lead

Carlo is an online marketing expert with over 8 years of experience, he cares a lot about Google shopping and has many happy clients to prove.

He also regularly lectures on online marketing (Xing Week, SEODay, PPCMasters, IHK online marketing day and more) plus enjoys writing articles on industry portals.

In his spare time, he plays a variety of sports and enjoys a touch of musical theatre.




Social Media Lead

Matt loves social media, but we don’t mean he spends all day checking on his Instagram feed…

A Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter specialist, Matt can get adverts shown to relevant people – by any means necessary be that through organic or paid means.

Oh and he also recently became a dad – but I’m told his sleep schedule is pretty good.



Dejan K

CRO Design Lead

Dejan has what we all want – an eye for knowing how to make something look good. He believes design is one of the most important things in every product because people are naturally attracted to beautiful things.

He spends his time creating bespoke landing pages that work like automated salesmen who never sleep, tire or need a day off.

So when you get your beautiful conversion rate designed landing page, you’ve got Dejan to thank.

He also loves to play guitar, go to the gym and grab a beer over the weekend – even though sometimes the last two can counteract each other!




Marketing Assistant

Ismail is a self-starter and entrepreneur who in his spare time loves to educate people in public talks and motivational speeches.

He plays a key role in delivering CRO, landing page tests and believes in the old marketing mantra ‘test test & test again’.

He also makes our designs look good at the same time and dabbles in website development – the consummate jack of all trades.





Goran is always ready to learn something new and self-improve. He enjoys writing code for various uses, web site design implementation and development.

He’s also passionate about following and getting familiar with new technology, web development and standards.

He’s always keen to stay at the cutting edge, that’s why we love having him.



Dejan N


Dejan is a passionate software engineer, a problem solver, a technology enthusiast, occasional gamer and certified grand-master dad.

He has a huge range of experience in prototyping, developing and deploying full stack web applications.

He also loves new challenges and likes to learn and experiment with different toolkits, frameworks and languages in his spare time.