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    Google has quietly released a massive expansion to the number of carousels that appear on the first page of any search results. These new carousels are said to have massive impacts on organic search results and will be appearing for a variety of queries – including business products, services and pricing.

    They are being offered as mobile-only text ads that display sitelinks extensions and price extensions. Now it appears that there is a new Beta product that combines multiple ad extension types into one easily accessible swipeable card carousel.

    The mobile text ad takes up a significant amount of screen real-estate with a carousel of ad extensions followed by a call extension and two location extensions.

    This puts the pricing font squarely in the forefront of a user’s view, meaning they’re particularly prominent and should have a good impact on mobile conversions. Once the user has seen the product they want, it’s price and the location of where they can get it – they’ll then have easy access to call and make the purchase.

    This new extension will also favour those who have managed to secure the top search position on mobile – the first link will get more information showing to a user.

    A warning, as these are only available for the top ad position, it will mean that the user-friendly details and advertiser-friendly real-estate could cause them to become exceedingly competitive. Competition means a drive up in prices for mobile search adverts – so be sure to keep your budget in line.

    As the extensions are only in beta at the moment, limited advertisers are being given the opportunity to use them. If you want to get access to these new extensions before your competition, book a free strategy session with us now.

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